Injecting personality into your workstyle
Where did we begin?

Hotbox began back in 2002 during the age of hot-desking; an original solution to flexible working in office environments. Although people could choose to work in a different location each day, there was hardly any focus on the individual worker who wanted to customise their workspace. Instead, hot-desking was seen as nomadic or clinical; there was no way to add colour to workspaces.

And this is where Hotbox came in. We developed a concept which enabled workers the freedom to personalise an impersonal space. Since our humble beginnings, we have now evolved into an international influencer, leading the way in agile working. Here at Hotbox, we design products that not only make your workstyle efficient and productive, it is individual to you.

We are a global community

We have supplied Hotbox products to around 40 countries worldwide, working with notable global brands including American Express, Amazon, LinkedIn, Google, Marsh & McLennan, eBay and PayPal.

We speak the same language as all of our clients, delivering agile working solutions to suit their employee’s workstyle.

People are at our core

With Hotbox headquarters in the UK and offices in LA and Sydney, we are committed to creating fun and flexible agile working solutions for everyone across different cultures. Our clients look for an interesting concept and we provide the answers.

Through our support, product design and trust, we have forged relationships with huge international brands, ranging from some of the largest tech organisations to financial companies. We understand the shift to an agile working environment can be a challenge, so together we help our clients shape agile working solutions to reflect the personalities in their workforces.